Friday, April 8, 2011

TRX Workout of the Day: Friday, April 8th

Core and Cardio Pyramid

Warm up: 1 minute high knees, running lunges

30 seconds TRX Sit-up
45  seconds Mt.  Climbers
60    seconds    TRX    Plank
90 seconds stairs (or alternating fast feet and high knees)
120 seconds TRX crunches (40 sec each of knees straight in, to right, to left)
150 seconds Jumping jacks, squat jacks, star jumps (50 seconds each)
180 seconds TRX superman, Diagonal Reach (on toes), TRX Twist, Power Pull (45 seconds each)
210 seconds One foot hop forward and back, One foot hop side to side (30 seconds each, left and right feet), 45 seconds Squat jump, 45 seconds Skaters
240 seconds TRX Sit-up with rotation, Diagonal runner, TRX Pike, Standing Hip drop (each side) Overhead back extension (45 seconds each exercise)

Cool Down: 1 minute air jump rope

Have extra time??  Here's an additional Cardio option:
                  30 seconds of each:
                                Mountain Climbers
                                Stairs (or fast feet/high knees)
                                Jumping Jacks
                                Squat jacks
                                Star Jumps
                                One foot hop forward and back (each foot)
                                One foot hop side to side (each foot)
                                Squat Jump

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